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Oak Flooring Makes Great Timber Cladding

Wood Flooring | September 2, 2019
Carica Home Wood Cladding

As with many interior design trends, timber cladding has returned as a super stylish choice around the home. From feature walls to cosy nooks, with creative headboards in between, timber cladding is one of the moment’s most sought-after designs.


With contemporary shades and interesting textures, finishes and arrangements, using engineered oak flooring is a fabulous way to create this chic look in any room, alongside any décor. With the inherent beauty of real wood, but none of the problems that can be associated with it, engineered oak is the perfect choice for timber cladding.

The benefits of engineered oak flooring

Solid wood is undeniably a beautiful addition to any home, whether flooring or stylish timber cladding. However, wood can pose many problems, like movement, warping, splintering and staining. With engineered oak flooring, you benefit from increased stability and ease of care, alongside exceptional style and beauty. If you’re using wide board engineered oak flooring for your project, or using the planks in areas that see dramatic changes in temperature and moisture – like the bathroom or kitchen – you can have peace of mind that engineered oak won’t shrink or swell.

Timber cladding for super style

When it comes to adding timber cladding to the home, the possibilities are endless. Create a cosy cabin feel by cladding an entire room, make a quiet nook in the corner of your kitchen, or brighten up blank walls on your staircase. A feature wall is a fabulous way to add flair and character to any space. Moving on from wooden plank-effect wallpaper that’s been popular for a while, using engineered oak on a wall can instantly transform a room into a cosy and inviting place to be, or bring light and the illusion of space by using contemporary engineered oak flooring in light colours. Far more versatile than paint or wallpaper, using timber boards as cladding offers a myriad of opportunities to bring luxury and style to the home and is also a fantastic insulator.

Inject character and interest with engineered oak

The beauty of timber cladding is it’s versatile and you can be as creative as you like. Anywhere in the home can be given a burst of personality with your choice of planks and pattern, and you can opt for a super contemporary feel or antiqued and rustic – or even a combination of the two. Having a mix of horizontal and vertical planks is an eye-catching design, which is perfect if you’re looking to bring a unique addition to your room. You could complement your timber cladding with your floor, by running it seamlessly up one wall, or create a complete contrast by using different colours, styles or plank sizes for the two.

However you want to use timber cladding around the home – from a subtle touch to a dramatic statement – we have a wonderful selection of engineered oak flooring that can help you achieve the look you want. From modern to rustic, our collection includes colours, finishes and textures, ranging from light, aged and whitewashed to herringbone, dark and antiqued engineered oak flooring.

Visit our large showroom in Cirencester where you can see our extensive range of engineered oak flooring, or click here to order a sample.

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