Quality Antique Oak Flooring at Amazing Prices

Traditional antique oak flooring is produced using reclaimed timber. And whilst visually stunning, the scarceness of reclaimed antique oak has sent prices of traditional wood sky-high, that’s before considering the impracticalities of fitting and maintaining a material that is hundreds of years old. Fortunately, our antique oak products maintain the beautiful visual impact of reclaimed wood, without any of the expensive drawbacks. All of our oak flooring has been sensitively distressed to recreate the look of reclaimed timber, resulting in an affordable, cost-effective and sustainable method of installing a classic antique oak floor in your home.

Our beautiful engineered oak antique flooring spans a range of rich hues and tones. Whether looking to add a rustic touch to a traditional country cottage or instil a dose of rustic burnt ochre to a contemporary interior design, our antique oak flooring is sure to add understated authenticity to your home. Not only available in a diverse spectrum of colours, our engineered oak also comes with various finishes to add stylish design cues to your flooring. Look out for herringbone patterns, scorched edges and black oil brushes, all intended to add an extra level of detail to your design.