Premium Quality Grey Flagstone Flooring

Grey flagstones are the perfect choice for those looking to create an understated, but beautifully natural, stone flooring. Available in a variety of greys, charcoals, plums, and smoky tones, a grey flagstone is a distinct and stylish choice. Surprisingly bright in their reflection of light, these flagstone tiles not only provide the perfect finish to any interior design project, but they are affordable, practical, and resilient.

Whether opting for a warm honey coloured flagstone or dark-hued limestone, our collection of high-quality grey flagstones brings together both classic and contemporary trends. For a traditional touch, why not try heritage-inspired York stone, or deliver a fresh injection of chic to your bathroom by laying smooth Milanese inspired floor tiles. Waterproof, easy to clean, and stain-resistant, these stylish flagstone tiles deliver on all levels.