FAQs about flagstone floors

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General FAQs can be found on this page. For more questions about installing and maintaining flagtones please click on the links below:

Installation of flagstone floors

Maintenance of flagstone floors

Laying patterns for flagstones

Oak FAQs


Where can you deliver?

We can deliver our flagstone tiles to any UK destination. See our Delivery page for specific information.

Do you have flagstones in stock and how long will it take to receive my order?

We maintain high levels of stock subject to availability. Please call 01285 656738 to ask about your specific requirements. Orders are dispatched within 7 working days.

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes we do. Orders can be placed over the phone or by visiting our showroom in Circencester.


What type of flagstones do you have available?

All our currently available flagstones are shown in our Flagstones section on this website.

Why use natural flagstone?

Unlike most wooden floors or carpeted floors, flagstone floors can improve with age. Flagstone floor tiles can last a lifetime and hence, is great value for money. Flagtones flooring has the advantage of being very hard wearing and easy to clean. Flagstone tiles match most other materials and is very adaptable in getting the right look for your floor or walls. Each flagstone floor will be unique, as no flagstone tile is the same and each flagstone tile will have natural shades.

Is natural flagstone cold?

Natural flagstone is a great conductor of heat and will naturally adjust to the same temperature of the room. By adding under floor heating below the stone floor tiles the floor can even be warmer. With natural stone floors a rug will add colour, change the feel and allow more choices for your flooring.


I have an old house, will a flagstone floor suit?

Flagstone flooring is the ideal choice for that 'older traditional' look for your flooring.

Will the colour vary?

Flagstone tiles vary in colour. Make sure that your flagstone tiles are dry and clean when fixing them so that you can see the true colour before installing them. This way you can select the layout and pattern of the colours before fixing and tiles to your floor. Having colour variation will add depth to the stone floor and will look more natural stone flooring.

Can natural stone be used in conservatories?

Yes, in fact stone floors is the preferred choice for areas next to the garden. A stone floor will blend and match the outside patio and give a more natural flow from house to garden.


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